Lecturer: Dr. Silvia Gazzola – University of Bath

Course Title: Regularization methods for inverse problems

This course will provide some basic background on regularization methods for linear inverse problems, including classical filtering based on the singular value decomposition (SVD), which can be applied to moderate-scale problems.
When considering large-scale inverse problems often met in Engineering and signal/image processing, filtering methods cannot be used because of their prohibitive computational cost. During the course, it will be discussed how state-of-the-art regularizing iterative methods can be applied in situations where the SVD-based methods cannot be used.
During the course it will be also illustrated how various regularization methods perform on large-scale test problems, mainly arising in imaging applications. The test calculations will be performed with the help of MATLAB software.

The minimum number of participants: 10.
All participants are encouraged to bring laptops with Matlab software installed.